StorSimple Virtual Array

Leverage your existing on-premise storage and compute platforms and expand into low cost, highly available Cloud storage for your on-premise applications and systems using StorSimple!

Base13 IT Limited has delivered many StorSimple physical devices to organisations across the UK, from racking and stacking through to volume planning, replication and DR planning and testing.

StorSimple uses tiering technology to allow your unstructured data to be stored in the most efficient way possible, rather than investing in potentially expensive and time consuming data rationalisation exercises. By using proprietary algorithms, StorSimple will keep your hot data on high performance local storage and will seamlessly transition your cooler data into the Cloud for inexpensive and long term storage.

Until recently, StorSimple technology has been available to Azure customers that have made a significant financial commitment to the platform through an EA. It is now possible, through the Cloud Solutions Provider scheme for Base13 to supply, provision and support a StorSimple Virtual Array with no commitment and on a pay as you go model for storage.

The Virtual Array uses a Virtual Machine running on an existing on-premise hypervisor backed by existing storage to host your ‘hot’ data, presented to your VM’s via iSCSI. The Virtual Array requires between 500GB and 8TB of local storage (whatever you have available!), but using Cloud tiering can present up to 64TB of data to your environment! Adding to the Cloud expansion potential are powerful deduplication and compression technologies to further increase efficiency of the solution.

cloud-based storage management

StorSimple also includes an integrated backup solution, which will snapshot your data to the Cloud on a schedule – which can be used for either point in time restores or failover to an alternate device in the event of local storage or hypervisor failure.

StorSimple Virtual Arrays can be deployed quickly and at low cost, with storage pricing scaling in a pay as you go nature.

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